We Make It Stick

Glu Shop is an agency collective comprised of strategically-wired, creative-minded zealots who love helping businesses solve marketing and advertising challenges.

So, why Glu Shop? Yeah, we get that a lot. It's simple. We create the bond between business and customer. Between craftsman and community. From strategy to execution, we keep things tight for efficiency. And we make things sticky for effectiveness.

This is  Glu Shop. Creative that sticks.

(It’s Not)

About Us

This is typically where agencies talk about themselves. Not us. We’d rather talk about you. What brings you in? What keeps you up at night? What one thing could mean outrageous success for you? Let’s do that. And we can. Because we have. Here are just a few of our superpowers.







Brands We’ve Worked With

From global tech titans to local hustle-preneurs, we’ve had the privilege to work with some amazing brands and people throughout our careers.

Laptop showing a beautiful website design for District Park An illustrated, futuristic scene promoting Lenovo's K-12 Traveling Storybook program Beautiful nighttime drone shot of downtown Greenville, SCA young African American women at her laptopPoster campaign for ClimeCoAnimated GIF of a young, Asian amputee working a violin bowA print ad for Michelin Truck Tires

Work We've Done

Heartwarming storytelling for Lenovo. Epic product launches for 3M. Wildly effective direct mail, sweet branding, and got-to-have swag. Over the course of our careers we've created a ton of sticky work that produced results.

Animated GIF of a craft ice ball spinning in a glassAnimated GIF showing a 3M video featuring Wind FarmsDesktop computer showing EPCH senior living web designA dramatic image of a TOTO plumbing accessoryCreative direct mail campaign for Lenovo K-12 segmentPrint ad campaign for Boys Home of the SouthSocial image with dry ice steaming in a glassPoster campaign for American LaFrance emergency response vehiclesAward-winning print campaign for Freightliner SprinterDramatic image of a bull elkCool animated GIF for socialCreative B2B promotional candles for Mercedes-Benz
How Can We Help?

Drop us a note and let us know how we can lend a hand.

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